One With Nature-Specialty Package


One With Nature-Specialty Package

Our “One with Nature” Specialty Package focuses on becoming more knowledgeable and aware of the fragile environment of the ocean planet and our interactions within. Choose between 5 different PADI Specialty Courses with 1 or 2 dives, depending on dives you may have taken as PADI Adventure Dives already.

You can specialize yourself to receive 3 ratings out of these 5 PADI Specialties: PADI Fish-ID, Naturalist, AWARE, Shark Conservation or Dive Against Debris Specialty Diver. This can be done in 4 – 6 dives over 2-3 days.

Learn more about … and become One With Nature!

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4-Dive-Option: If you have already taken the PADI Underwater Naturalist and PADI Fish-ID Adventure dives as part of your PADI Advanced Open Water Course, you can get those credited towards your Specialty training and need to complete 4 more dives including those 2 areas.

5-Dive-Option: Available for you, if you have completed either the PADI Naturalist or Fish-ID Adventure Dive before and choose that Specialty Course for your Package.

6-Dive-Option: The best and most comprehensive option - available, if you haven't previously done any training dives in this area or simply want to learn more about the local marine environment.

If in doubt about your options, please just contact us directly.