Koh Tao Diving Divemaster Internship review

Meet our Interns and read about their experience on a Koh Tao Divemaster Internship

PADI Divemaster Internship Marleen Franz

PADI Divemaster Internship Marleen Franz
Name: Marleen Franz
Hometown: Germany
Age: 20
Internship: PADI Divemaster Internship Koh Tao

What PADI scuba diving Internship program did you complete?

Divemaster Internship

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What were you doing before you joined Crystal Dive?

Travelling in Europe, Africa and Asia 

How long have you spent completing your scuba diving internship?

Five weeks

What was your favourite part of your scuba diving internship and why?

Assisting courses, because I loved demonstrating skills and every instructor has their own little tricks he showed me, so I learned something new every time.

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What was your least favourite and why?

That there is almost no shade on the boats and the floor gets incredibly hot 

Who was your favourite instructor and why?

Brian Starnes, because he is an amazing person and has a lot of nice tricks he learned while cave diving and showed me

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During your scuba diving internship which of the additional Marine Conservation ‘ECO’ program activities did you take part in and which did you enjoy the most?

Beach and dive site clean-ups. I enjoyed the dive site clean-ups the most cause it is a good feeling to do a dive with purpose and help to get rid of all the trash that is in the oceans

Do you think our additional Marine Conservation ‘ECO’ program was beneficial to your Professional level scuba diving training and if so why?

Yes, because it shows that there a more things to do than just fun diving and its important to show people what they can do to help to clean the oceans

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As a qualified PADI Divemaster what are your future plans with regards to scuba?

I want to study marine biology and hope i combine both fields 

And what about Koh Tao? Favourite Restaurant?

Bam Bams

How did you spend your non-diving days? 

Exploring the island with friends 

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Where are you heading to next?

Back home to Germany

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