Earth Day 2016 Koh Tao

Koh Tao celebrates Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016

A Brief Background

Earth Day is celebrated globally on the 22nd April every year. The Earth Day Network’s mission is to build the world’s largest environmental movement to protect the earth for future generations. Earth day originated in 1970 in the United States. It turned into a global movement in 1990 when 141 countries participated in environmental campaigns.

Since then, Earth day is celebrated in 196 countries and growing. It is a mass movement to raise awareness on all environmental issues, and to provoke change in human behavior to conserve and protect the planet.

The Earth Day Network (EDN) has a different theme for each Earth day. This year and over the next five years they aim to plant 7.8 billion trees. They also have campaigns to protect endangered species, to prevent climate change and global warming, to boost recycling, to use clean and renewable energy, and create green cities and schools. Although EDN runs many campaigns, there is always space for people to take initiative and get involved in an Eco project within their community. is the Koh Tao Community getting involved this year?

Earth Day has a significant value to Koh Tao this year, as not only will we be taking part in an island wide environmental campaign to clean up Koh Tao, but we will also be raising funds for one of our treasured community members, Chad Scott.

Chad has been involved in the conservation and preservation of Koh Tao for 10 years and has pretty much spearheaded every environmental initiative.

He was recently diagnosed with Leukemia, and has been receiving chemotherapy in hospital in Bangkok. The treatment he requires is extremely expensive. The community of Koh Tao is coming together to raise funds to contribute towards this.

On the morning of the 22 April, dive schools and volunteers from all around the island will be doing a beach and island land clean up. Then in the afternoon, 20 dive boats will be visiting 40 dive sites /bays around the island where we will be doing dive site clean ups.

Over 40 dive centres are supporting this and we are charging 1,000 THB for the dive for debris portion of the day. This will involve two clean up dives at two different locations – so 2 dives. Each participant will also receive a raffle ticket which is included within the price.

A whole host of dive centres, hotels, resorts, restaurants and other business on Koh Tao have donated prizes which include dive courses, dive equipment and accommodation packages to name but a few. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased for 100 THB.

100% of all proceeds from the afternoon activities, and raffle will go to Chad’s medical expenses.

Then in the evening we will be hosting an Earth Day party at The Hacienda – a popular restaurant and leisure park on the island. There will be food stalls, drinks and games and The Hacienda has very kindly offered to donate a significant percentage of the evening’s takings to Chad’s fund.

If you would like to get involved, either with the mornings land clean up, afternoon dive for debris or just to purchase some raffle tickets then please contact us.

Why Wait for Earth Day?

So many dive schools have taken initiative to be eco friendly and run programs throughout the year to preserve paradise and save Koh Tao. At Crystal dive, we work closely with Eco Koh Tao.

We conduct beach and dive site clean ups on a regular basis. Eco Koh Tao’s aim is to preserve and conserve marine environments through education, awareness and direct action. We also have a recycle station at Crystal dive for tin cans and plastic bottles.

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