Being An Advanced Diver


Considering whether to pursue your advanced course is akin to removing the training wheels when riding a bike—it sets you free. While the PADI Open Water course imparts the basics and comfort underwater, the PADI Advanced Open Water course empowers you to expand limits and fine-tune scuba skills.

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Similar to the open water course, the AOW course begins with theory before dives. However, no lengthy videos or exams are involved. You’ll discuss a few questions with your instructor on each dive, enhancing knowledge and information for the dives.

The focus is on in-water training, and there’s no confined section before heading to open water.
With the basics covered, it’s time to get on the boat and dive.

More Dive Sites – Diving Deeper

Being an AOW diver allows diving down to 30 meters, beyond the 18-meter limit of an Open Water diver. This opens up more dive sites globally, enabling exploration of wrecks, deeper walls,
and encountering larger pelagic animals like Whale Sharks and Manta Rays.

Diving deeper adds a sense of adventure and adrenaline.
Deep dive skills focus on observations, boosting confidence in dive planning.

Longer Dives – Perfecting Your Buoyancy

Opting for the peak performance buoyancy dive improves buoyancy and breathing rate, extending dive times. Tips and guidance enhance relaxation underwater, and different kicking techniques improve efficiency, benefiting dive duration.

Understand More about the Marine Life – Identifying Fish

Diving more enhances knowledge of marine life. Taking an underwater naturalist or Fish Identification dive accelerates understanding. The Fish I.D dive provides tips for naming fish,
while the naturalist dive incorporates naming underwater plants and invertebrates.

Go Out At Night – Night Diving

Night diving may seem intimidating, but this adventure dive reveals underwater life after sunset. Creatures become active, and the reef takes on a different ambiance. Night diving includes a navigation exercise, boosting underwater confidence and teaching communication techniques in the dark.

Know Where You Are Going – Practising Your Navigation

Independent diving requires solid navigation skills. Fine-tuning these skills ensures a more confident and safer dive, as you stick to your dive plan. The dive focuses on compass use and natural references for navigation.

Thinking Like A Diver

After open water training, becoming an advanced diver elevates your skills, allowing exploration of the world’s best dive sites. With minimal classroom time and maximum diving, the AOW course offers five adventure dives, making you a more complete scuba diver.

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