What does the PADI Divemaster Course consist of?


Enjoy Scuba diving but want to take your skills to the next level? Try the PADI Divemaster course and take a step towards the professional realm of professional scuba diving.
Divers look up to divemasters as leaders for both mentoring and sharing insights of diving.
As a PADI Divemaster you will be diving most days and experience the amazing feeling of seeing others have as much fun underwater as you do.

PADI Rescue Diver

A Divemaster works closely with PADI Instructors

The first level of professional training is the PADI Divemaster course. You will work closely with PADI Dive Instructors and Divemaster Coordinators to help fine-tune your skills such as professionalism, diving skills and much more.

You will learn to master and demonstrate skills from buoyancy to mask removal, fine tune your rescue skills as a patient and a rescuer, to anticipate the needs of other divers and quickly resolve common problems.

Become a Role Model Scuba Diver as a PADI Divemaster

You will also learn to become a role model to divers, increase your management capabilities as well as supervision and overall dive knowledge.

As a qualified PADI Divemaster you will supervise scuba diving activities, assist with diver training and lead qualified divers for local dives to share your local insights of the dive sites.

PADI Divemasters can work worldwide as PADI is recognised as the most respected dive organisation in the world.

Pre-requisites for the PADI Divemaster course:

● A smile and a sense of fun and adventure.
● Certification and proof of completion for Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue and EFR courses.

If any of your previous scuba diving courses were not taken with PADI, you will need to bring a photocopy of the front and back of your certification cards.
If you have not completed all of these courses yet, Crystal Dive offers custom lifestyle packages.

● Be a PADI Rescue Diver at least 18 years of age
● Emergency first response primary and secondary care (CPR and First Aid) training within the last 24 months.
● Medical Statement signed by a physician within the last 12 months.
● 40 logged dives to begin the course and 60 to finish the certification of a Divemaster.
● Your dive logbook (if you have one or dive computer)
● Passport photo

Alternate certifications may be able to be cross credited, just send us a message or come in to the dive shop to find out more.

A PADI Divemaster takes charge of Scuba Diving Activities

During the PADI Divemaster course you will learn how to be both a leader and a role model and to take charge of dive activities in a professional, safe and fun way.

You will complete knowledge development sessions and two exams as well as waterskills exercises and workshops to grow your abilitiy to demonstrate to both new and qualified divers.

You will also attend workshops and hands on practical assessments to continue your development of skills.

You will learn how to organise and lead a variety of scuba diving activities from scuba reviews to leading fun divers.

12 Best Reasons to take the PADI Divemaster Course

● The role of a PADI Divemaster and characteristics, supervising dive activities and assisting PADI Instructors with student divers.
● Diver safety and risk management.
● Divemaster conducted programs and specialised skills.
● Business of diving and your career within the diving industry.
● Marine & Land Conservation – awareness of the dive environment, (eco activities dive against debris, cigarette butt challenges, upcycling, dive site clean ups and more).
● Dive site setup, management and evaluation.
● Mapping dive sites.
● Conduct dive briefings to qualified divers.
● Organise a search and recovery project.
● Conduct a Deep dive.
● Conduct a scuba review and skin diver course.
● Assist with Discover Scuba Diving and leading Discover Local Diving programs.
A Complete set of Dive Equipment as a PADI Divemaster

On your journey towards becoming a dive professional you will want to have some basic scuba diving equipment to ensure safety of both yourself and those diving with you.

This includes a dive knife, a surface marker bouy (SMB), compass and a dive computer. Our Divemaster packages include a lot of this equipment and you can message us to establish exactly what you do need.

For practical exercises and skills such as search and recovery and underwater dive site mapping, you will require equipment such as floats lift bags, ropes and slates. Our kit room is one of the largest on Koh Tao and has everything that is required.

Your PADI Instructor may also require additional equipment depending on your activities. Always check with your local dive shop or instructor for these requirements.

The Requirements to Pass the PADI Divemaster Course

● Complete the knowledge development segments including Knowledge Reviews in the PADI Divemaster Manual and Divemaster Final Exams.
● There are 8 Chapters and Knowledge Reviews.
● The Divemaster Exam is split into 2 parts, each 60 questions
● Create an Emergency Assistance Plan (EAP) for a designated dive site.
● Complete water-skills exercises
● 400 Yard Swim
● 800 Yard Snorkel
● 15 Minute tread
● 100 Yard Tired diver tow
● Equipment exchange underwater
● Complete a diver rescue assessment
● Complete the dive skills workshop and assessment
● Complete practical application of 5 skills
● Skill 1 — Dive Site Set Up and Management
● Skill 2 — Mapping Project
● Skill 4 — Search and Recovery Scenario
● Skill 5 — Deep Dive Scenario
● Complete divemaster conducted programs workshops.
● Workshop 1 – ReActivate & Scuba Review Program
● Workshop 2 – Skin Diver Course and Snorkeling Supervision (conducted in either confined water or open water)
● Workshop 3 – Discover Scuba Diving Program in Confined Water
● Workshop 4 – Discover Scuba Diving Program – Additional Open Water Dive
● Workshop 5 – Discover Local Diving in Open Water
● Complete practical assessments
● Practical Assessment 1 – Open Water Diver Students in Confined Water
● Practical Assessment 2 – Open Water Diver Students in Open Water
● Practical Assessment 3 – Continuing Education Student Divers in Open Water, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Course or Specialty Courses
● Practical Assessment 4 – Certified Divers in Open Water (Fun Dive Lead)
● Meet the professionalism criteria

How to Get Started on the PADI Divemaster Course

Crystal Dive provides a schedule for the Divemaster course using a personalised flexible scheduling system based upon your own availability.

It is really up to you and how flexible you want your course. Compact with a time limited schedule, or relaxed with no time limit.

Candidates can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months to complete the full PADI Divemaster Course.

You can take your time and enjoy the beautiful location, enjoy lots of fun diving with your fellow Divemaster candidates and build up your experience.

Unlimited Diving During Your Course

We offer unlimited diving during your course and provide way above and beyond the PADI Course requirements with real life hands on experience.

Our Divemaster course includes all scuba gear rental (bonus is that all our regulators have in-built computers, which means you can save some money) and you will be a part of our experienced DMC team.

First Class Divemaster training Facilities, Logistics & Operations

● 2 purpose built training pools
● 2 large dive boats
● 4 purpose built A/C classrooms
● 1 purpose built A/C function room

The Koh Tao PADI Divemaster Complete Package

We also offer a complete lifestyle package that includes all you need for your journey towards become a Divemaster and enter the professional world of diving, including:

All Equipment Included in the PADI Divemaster Lifestyle Program

● PADI Divemaster Bag
● PADI Instructor Manual
● Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
● Divemaster Manual
● Compass
● Blank Slate with Pencil/Eraser
● Divemaster Slates
● DSD Cue Card
● Surface Marker Buoy & 15m Reel
● Electronic Recreational Dive Planner (e–RDPML)
● Whistle
● Crystal Dive T–Shirt
● 15 Litre Dry Bag
● Koh Tao Dive Guide
● CPR Pocket Mask
● Sea snips cutting tool
● All PADI Educational Materials & Certification Costs
● First Year PADI Membership
● Optional Working Internship
● Diving Medical
● 1 year Diving Insurance
● Discover Reef Check Workshop with our in-house marine conservation team, Eco Koh Tao
● Our Unique in-house marine conservation program for Divemaster candidates

Also included is the Emergency Oxygen Provider Specialty, and Equipment Specialty, along with great discounts on other specialty’s useful for a working divemaster.

Choosing the Divemaster Course or a Divemaster Lifestyle Package?

As a leader in the dive industry with world class facilities we can offer a full range of Divemaster course and lifestyle packages.

Our Divemaster course is for rescue divers who meet all the pre-requisites and wish to take their training to the next level. The basic course fee is for the course component and does not include all the materials and PADI fees.

Our Divemaster Internship and Lifestyle packages are scaled according to your individual needs and are dependent on what your current level of training is.

We offer training to every level of diver and for complete beginners who have the time and desire to enter the world of scuba diving.

Accommodation and Living Expenses as a PADI Divemaster
Our Divemaster courses, Internships and Lifestyle packages do not include accommodation costs and living expenses, but we offer first class advice.

When planning, Divemaster candidates need to factor in the cost of accommodation and living expenses such as food, visa’s and any extra kit that you may choose to buy.

Of course, our team can give you realistic, honest answers and help give you estimates, options and choices so that you can work out
the overall cost for your planned trip or lifestyle change.

Professional level scuba diver training at its best
Our Divemaster team and senior professional team have all experienced these decisions at some part of their journey and we are here to help.

We understand that making a ‘change of lifestyle’ decision is a big deal and impacts every aspect of your life and family members.

We can answer any of your questions related to our Divemaster courses and provide you with all the information you need – just message us.

Live the Dream

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