The Buddy System


A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

As scuba divers, the buddy system becomes ingrained in our minds from the moment we embark on our PADI Open Water course. It extends beyond just staying close underwater; becoming dive buddies begins on land and often results in lasting connections.

PADI Rescue Diver

The Social Network

Scuba diving is a socially engaging activity, providing opportunities to meet people worldwide. Sharing adventures and witnessing remarkable sights not only makes diving safer, thanks to the buddy system, but it also enhances the overall enjoyment of dives.

The Beginning

Joining a scuba course or a regular fun diving trip might initially lack a familiar buddy. Not to worry; friendships are swiftly formed. During the open water course’s confined water phase, your PADI Instructor will pair you up to practice the buddy system, or you may choose a buddy you’ve already befriended.

Check Me Out “Because We Really Aren’t Fish”!

One of the initial skills practiced in the open water course is the pre-dive safety check, also known as the buddy check. This involves inspecting each other’s equipment to ensure awareness and functionality. The check is a crucial routine before every dive, whether in a swimming pool, ocean, or lake. PADI uses the acronym ‘Begin with Review and Friend’ to aid memory: B – BCD, W – Weight belt, R – Regulator, A – Air, F – Final ‘OK.’

We’re Better Together

Once underwater, the buddy system is a shared responsibility. Maintaining a safe distance, especially in poor visibility where touching distance is vital, ensures a secure dive. Staying relatively close enhances the diving experience, providing an extra set of eyes for spotting marine life and sharing exciting discoveries.

Lending A Hand

Your buddy serves as a support system underwater. In case of difficulties, like cramps or tangled hoses, your buddy can assist, reinforcing the importance of air management, a crucial skill learned in the open water course.

Friends Reunited

Losing your buddy underwater is covered in the open water course. The standard response is to search for a minute and then slowly ascend to the surface. Reuniting allows you to decide whether to continue the dive or head back for a debrief.

Fun and Games

Scuba diving becomes more enjoyable with a buddy to share experiences. From the nervousness of the first open water dive to the depths of a deep specialty dive, the underwater memories created with a buddy last a lifetime, providing comfort in knowing someone is always by your side.

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